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Overall Sponsorship Benefits

Comprehensive Sponsorship Program - Program BenefitsThe Maryland Arborist Association (MAA) has been very fortunate over the years to maintain a high level of sponsorship support for our programs including, but not limited to, pest walks, our annual winter conference, general education sessions, and Arborist Day. In addition, we have a large number of annual and repeat advertisers for Shady Notes as well as a myriad of in-kind donations of goods and services to various community programs throughout the year. The MAA thanks each of its sponsors for their ongoing support.

Without a doubt, regarding sponsorship, the most commonly asked question from our members is, ‘How can my company participate without having to be asked for every event or multiple times per year?’ We understand that committing to a sponsorship takes time and resources and that now, more than ever, this commitment has to be budgeted for as well. ‘How can we make our sponsorship program more efficient and user friendly?’ is a question that the MAA board has discussed many times.

The answer to this question was the creation of the Maryland Arborist Association Comprehensive Sponsorship Program - a program designed to be a mutually beneficial program between your company and the association and one that will be available for inclusion to all allied industry-associated businesses.

This program is designed to provide flexibility to you (the sponsoring company) by offering three levels of support. This, in turn, provides more security to the association, as well as the affiliate and co-sponsoring organizations, as we plan and prepare budgets and run events. And, in addition to your budget, there are also the obvious benefits from an advertising and marketing perspective, too.

Some of the benefits, depending upon your level of annual sponsorship, may include:
  • Membership: your company’s annual association membership can be renewed as a part of your annual sponsorship;
  • Winter Seminar: your company can be recognized on several levels and you may qualify to bring additional employees at a discounted cost;
  • Your company may be recognized in print and publicly at other events such as Arborist Day, Pest Walks and General Education events;
  • You may receive ad space in the Shady Notes and the MAA membership directory;
  • You may receive a direct web link from the MAA website,, to your company site.

Three remaining discussion points of importance are recognition, price, and individual sponsorship:

Recognition: All annual event sponsors henceforth will be listed under the appropriate sponsorship category and will receive the recognition listed in the attached. Sponsors may be listed on the home page of the MAA website and event materials.

Price: While sponsorship is not new to the MAA or your company, the ‘Program Sponsor’, as a new annual designation is new territory for the MAA, and must be priced to accurately reflect the quality and variety of recognition given and received. We believe that the prices outlined are reasonable for the listed sponsor designations.

Individual Sponsorship: If you prefer to participate as a sponsor or advertise on a per-event or per-issue basis, you are certainly welcome to do so.


Select here for the cover letter explaining the 2017 MAA Sponsorship opportunities 

Select here for the 2018 Program Benefit Sheet and Registration Form 

If you have any  questions regarding the MAA and its sponsorship program, please do not hesitate to contact the MAA office at 443-262-8491 or