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Sponsorship Registration

An MAA Annual Sponsorship provides your company greater visibility and recognition, and increased access to the MAA membership. Annual Sponsorships run for a full calendar year beginning on January 1. An additional benefit to members and sponsors is that Shady Notes, for the second year, is being distributed as an electronic newsletter about twice per month instead of just three times annually. This new Shady Notes publication schedule will ensure:
1. More timely coverage of relevant issues;
2. The continued delivery of pertinent membership updates and educational offerings;
3. Significantly more sponsor exposure to the membership.
Please review the sponsorship options and choose the level that best represents your company. Our sponsorship benefits page is linked below for your convenience.

Below, please find all of the information your company needs to help support the MAA through sponsorship. 

1. Informational Cover Letter
2. 2018 Program Spec and Benefit Sheet and Registration Form
If you have any questions, please contact the MAA office at 443-262-8491.